IMGGE (Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering,
University of Belgrade, Serbia)

Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering University of Belgrade (IMGGE), is the leading Serbian research institution in the field of molecular genetics, and employs 115 scientists engaged in research in the field of human, plant and molecular genetics of microorganisms (detailed at pages 4,5 Part B).

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Laboratory for Molecular Biomedicine (LMB) is well recognized for its research achievements and expertise in the field of pharmacogenomics (PGX). Researchers from LMB are pioneers in Serbia and Balkan in PGX and personalized medicine, started in 1999. They were also the first to implement genome-based medicine in the health-care system in Serbia.  Up to know, more than 100 papers published in international journals related to individualization of therapy based on genomics and transcriptomics have been produced in LMB.

PI: Branka Zukić

Coordinator of the Project (CP), Branka Zukić, PhD in Molecular Biology, a full research professor at IMGGE, University of Belgrade, is a top-grade researcher with 17 years of extensive experience in biomedical research of various diseases, with the focus on individualization of the therapy of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Her expertise includes the identification and validation of pharmacogenetic and pharmacotranscriptomic markers of response and adverse reactions to drugs. She is adept at designing and conducting translational research, using different traditional and state-of-the-art molecular biology techniques and bioinformatics tools. She has finished semi-master course: Bioinformatics for biologists, The School of Computing, Union University, Belgrade, Serbia. She was mentor at 2 PhD theses. She was Serbian team leader of the bilateral project between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Slovenia ”Pharmacogenomic Markers in Immunosuppressive and Immunomodulating Therapy: From the Validated Markers to Genotyping Kits and Clinical Algorithms”, and WP2A leader of “Strengthening the Research Potential of IMGGE through Reinforcement of Biomedical Science of Rare Diseases in Serbia – en route for innovation, SERBORDISinn Project (EU-FP7-REGPOT, 316088); „Reinforcement of material resources and implementation of new approaches for IMGGE research progress“. She participated in working group “Pharmacogenetics in pediatric hematology: individualization of therapy in pediatric acute lymphoid leukemias investigated individualization of therapy for pediatric ALL patients using pharmacogenomics principles” of the national project Rare diseases: Molecular Pathophysiology, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Modalities and Social, Ethical and Legal Aspects”, No. 41004, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Republic of Serbia. She was also the leader of Innovation Voucher Program 2019, Innovation Fund, Republic of Serbia “Design of the Platform for Predictive Pharmacogenomic Testing in Serbia” and a leader of the project for promotion of science “A little school of DNAlogy”. Branka Zukic has published 50 research papers with h-index 24 according to Google Scholar.


  • Sonja Pavlović
  • Natasa Tošić
  • Gordana Nikčević
  • Biljana Stanković
  • Nikola Kotur
  • Vladimir Gašić
  • Bojan Ristivojević
  • Đorđe Pavlović
  • Marina Jelovac
  • Sanja Srzentić Dražilov